Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Job Interview Outfit

My Job Interview Outfit
Career Objective: Customer Service
I am applying for front counter customer service position in an Insurance office. I chose a formal stylish outfit for the job interview. I will wear beige trousers, a maroon top with a black blazer. I will accessorize with a medium size black purse and medium height hill black pumps. I think this outfit is the most appropriate for the job interview because it shows I am a serious yet fun and easy going person ready to work.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

my logo

My personal logo has many symbols: a flag, part of a map, street signs, a happy family, a girl reading, an interesting book, a beautiful flower, places that are important for me -- mountains, beach, snow -- and watermelons. First, the flag means, as you see, that I am Mexican. Next, this part of the map means that I am originally from Sonora. This state is in the north of The Mexican Republic. Next, a happy family represents love, peace, security, support, responsibility, and happiness. Family is very important for me because family members can support you if you fall down. The girl reading represents one of my hobbies and the interesting book too. The beautiful flower represents happiness and love, which are very necessary in this turbulent world. The mountains and sea represent the magnificence of God, and the beach represents calm for me. A place full of snow is also a beautiful place to enjoy. Last, watermelons represent the fruit that I really enjoy. In conclusion, this logo shows part of my life, dreams, and what I love.

My Cell Phone Story

Let me tell you Why I took the desition of not use a cell phone for a longer. In my job we can't use a cell phone, but every body device to broke or unrespect the rule.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


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